• Artist in Group Exhibition “Haunt Volume 1” Collective Haunt

  • Artist in Group Exhibition “The Suburban Version 2” Suburban Version Space

  • Solo Exhibition: "Within Tolerances" Floating Goose

  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “Possession” Collective Haunt




  • Artist in Group Exhibition: St. Ignatius SALA show


  • Solo Exhibition: "Futilitopia" The Howling Owl


  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “Wish you were here” Adelaide Central Gallery

  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “The Next Chapter” Adelaide Central Gallery


  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “In Good Company” Adelaide Central Gallery

  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “Cats and Dogs” Adelaide Central Gallery


  • Artist in Group Exhibition: “4 by 4”Adelaide Central School of Art Student Gallery


Pieces held in private collections


James Holdsworth

  • Born 1984

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts at Adelaide Central School of Art 2012

Artist Statement:

The built environment, its negotiation of space, utility, structure, nature and competing individual interests are the catalysts for my practice; in a word, architecture. These elements become amplified as population centres develop and expand. As Hundreds, thousands, millions inhabit, mass or swarm a space, humanity manifests as a new macrocosm: far more alike to circuit boards, hives, or bacteria on agar. To take in humanity at this scale is an intense and satisfying experience, as politics, monuments, industry, residential, waste and function fade to a resonate whole. The same language and materials of architecture are used within the works: Radiata pine frame; balsa scaled models; bright acrylic paintings evoking vectors and design software.
The hope is that this play cultivates a sense of our own human habitat the individual may not usually get; the chaos of conception, design, technology,
compromise, construction, growth, recession, demolition and abandonment
encapsulated in a single moment.